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Our Team
We have a voluntary board from all aspects of the local community that oversees policy and strategic management. We have a strong management team of qualified and experienced health and exercise professionals.

We have trained, experienced and committed staff who ensure that those using the facilities and services we provide get the best experience and benefit possible in doing so. We have a proven track record.


Our Staff

Managing Director
Lorraine Higgins

Duty Manager
Ger Guina

Physical Therapist / Personal Trainer / Swim Instructor
John Paul Baggott

Personal Trainer / Swim Instructor / Lifeguard
Mark Danaher

Swim Instructors / Lifeguards / Gym Instructors
Ruth O’Mahony
Jenny Smirnova
Killian Lynch

Swim Instructors / Lifeguards
Eve Higgins
Nicola Sheehan

Deividas Gineika

Board of Directors

Mark Dowling

Vice Chairperson
Lorraine Higgins

Maura Culhane

Ruth O’Mahony

Other Board Members
Michael Finucane
Jerome Scanlan TD
Shane Kelly
Dr. Roger Hayes
Ger Guina