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WLSC boasts a newly refurbished Fully Air Conditioned Gymnasium with the most extensive range of Technogym equipment in West Limerick. As part of your membership we offer Free Fitness & Health Assessments from which the qualified staff will put together a personalised training programme for your specific needs.

Gym Programmes

We cater for all types of Ages & Abilities, we can design a vast range of programmes for example Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Body Toning, Muscle Conditioning, Body Building, Sports Specific, Injury Rehabilitation, Health or just General Fitness.

Weight Loss

Need to lose a few pounds?? Then work with one of our Qualified Instructors who will design a tailor made programme to help you reach your individual goals. Each programme will not only ensure you Burn off those excess pounds but also focus on toning your new figure while doing so. Your programme will be Reviewed and Updated every 4/6 weeks.

Regular exercise is an important part of effective weight loss and weight maintenance. It also can help prevent several diseases and improve your overall health.


Toning Programmes simply Targets specific areas of your body & provide exercise to Tighten & shape these areas. Introducing Toning Exercises into your regular exercise programme will greatly improve your appearance so you will be sporting your new figure in no time


Whether you are just starting, maintaining, or have set your heart on a marathon, we have Fitness programmes to suit your individual needs. We use Fitness tests to determine how fit you actually are starting off and monitor your progress as you get faster, stronger and healthier. Work with our Qualified Instructors who will encourage you every step of the way to reaching your goals.


No one wants to be injured. However, physically active people are likely to sustain some type of injury due to their involvement.

Suffering from an Injury? Then rehabilitation programmes are commonly used after a exercise / sports injury or post-surgery and are an important part of recovery. Our Qualified Physical Therapist and Instructors will design programmes with a range of exercises that include specific strength and flexibility exercises to help build strength and range of motion in an injured extremity. These programmes will also include joint stability exercises and methods of preventing the injury from reoccurring. You will be back on the road to recovery in no time!

Weight Gain

Do you have a fast metabolism? To a world obsessed with being skinny, this can seem an odd goal. But there are those of us who have workout goals that go against the grain. Our qualified Instructors will design programmes for you to successfully gain weight and build on your health / fitness and muscle strength / flexibility.

Body Building

Want to Gain Lean Muscle Weight FAST? Then West Limerick Sports Complex is the place for you. With our wide range of weights, free weights, benches and weight bars you will find yourself moving up along the weights categories & packing on the pounds in no time.

Personal Training

Need some extra help and motivation to reach your goals. Why not book in for some Personal Training with one of our qualified Personal Trainers.

Personal Training offers a one on one training experience with a qualified trainer. Each workout is specifically designed and tailored to help you meet your personal goals. Our qualified Personal Trainers will add encouragement, motivation, fun and accountability to your training. It’s true when they say knowledge is power!

They will continually adjust your plan as needed to help you achieve your goals. We deal with everyone from beginners to advanced trainees.

During your Initial Consultation, one of our Personal Trainers will have a sit down with you to discuss and set out your goals, talk about what truly drives you, complete a medical questionnaire and a light session to assess movement/ability so we can create your plan.

Once all of this is completed we start work on your tailored plan, to get you the results you want quickly.

Is Personal Training for me?

  • Do you want a complete lifestyle change?
  • Do you lack structure & consistency?
  • Do you need some accountability & support?
  • Are you unsure of how you should train?
  • Are you unsure of what exercise to do for best results?

If the answer is YES then we can help you! Contact us today for prices/packages and to organise your initial consultation. It will be the first step to a better you.

What Programmes do we offer?

  • Weight Loss
  • Toning
  • Fitness
  • Rehabilitation
  • Weight Gain
  • Body Building

Personal Training Rates

1 Hour
5 x 1 Hour
10 x 1 Hour
1 Hour
5 x 1 Hour
10 x 1 Hour